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Increase Your Profits Multiplier


21 Stealth Ways

To Move To

A Higher Level Of Profitability

Our “21 Stealth Ways to Move To A Higher Level Of Profitability” is your business bottom line building overhaul opportunity for business owners who are ready to learn the profit building secrets to take them from doing OK, maybe a little better than breaking even and able to pay the bills on time to a level of prosperity they have yet to experience from their entrepreneur journey.


If you have been in business for only one year, three years or over 20 years, you will learn how to build your bottom line in ways you have likely never seen before. They do not teach these essential concepts in any business plan classes I have ever seen.


These components can help you break free from unprofitable habits and processes that are keeping you from earning the level of income from your business you have up to now only dreamed of.


This package includes a wealth of video components plus all relevant evergreen PDF workbooks.


You will have unlimited lifetime access to all components listed in the package for as long as you own the business.


This package is an excellent option to leverage, engage and quickly train staff on how to help you implement the tools contained in this platform to produce profit increasing results that can easily verified and updated as needed. If you leverage staff, you can work on more than one area of the business simultaneously for even faster profit building results.


You will have up to 7 hours of flexible one-on-one consulting via Zoom calls included in your package.


Here are a few ideas on how you or your designated staff could leverage your 7 hours of consulting call time in various combinations:


  • A single 2-hour onboarding call
  • A few 1-hour monthly calls
  • Several 30-minute weekly calls

Mailed soft bound editions or Kindle copies of two of my books available on of your choice are included.


Additional one-on-one consultations above the 7 hours included in the package during or after the initial 6 months of your membership are available upon request. Pricing in effect at that time will apply. 


Please reach out if you have any questions about this package.

Package Includes:

  • 7 hours of one-on-one consulting via Zoom to be scheduled via links provided after purchase.

  • Introduction Video

  • How To Determine The Economic Value Video

  • How To Determine The Economic Value PDF Workbook

  • Advertisement Must Give You ROI Video

  • Advertisement Must Give You ROI PDF Workbook

  • Donations Must Give You ROI Video

  • Donations Must Give You ROI PDF Workbook

  • Buying Equipments To Save On Taxes Video

  • Buying Equipments To Save On Taxes PDF Workbook

  • Calculating True Cost Of Your Employees Video

  • Calculating True Cost Of Your Employees PDF Workbook

  • Should You Rent Or Own Your Own Location Video

  • Should You Rent Or Own Your Own Location PDF Workbook

  • Fish Files: Why They Stink & What To Do Video

  • Legal Documents Are A Necessity Video

  • Why Braking Even Isn't Enough Video

  • Interns Could Be Your untapped Resourse Video

  • Carving Out A Tax Free Retirement Video

  • Easy Changes to Increase Production Video

  • Easy Changes to Increase Production PDF Workbook

  • Embezzlement and Theft Can Happen Video

  • Lost Sales/Productions = Lost Profits Video

  • Office Supplies & Operational Issues Video

  • Office Supplies & Operational Issues PDF Workbook

  • Replacement Cost Should Be A Line Item Video

  • Replacement Cost Should Be A Line Item PDF Workbook

  • Finding Backup Plans for Operational Video

  • Water Wasted Really is Money Down The Drain Video

  • Electrical Energy Wasted - Money Wasted Video

  • What Is Your Exit Plan From The Business Video

  • Conclusion Video

Plus, Exclusive Bonuses:

  • Garden Hose Video

  • P.R.I.D.E. Video

  • Power of "10" Video

  • Power of "10" PDF Workbook

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    You can find available titles here.

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Increase Your Profits Multiplier


21 Stealth Ways

To Move To

A Higher Level Of Profitability

YYour solution to replacing inaccurate guesses with valuable factual informationn

    • Video Course

      Easy to comprehend step by step video that will teach you the secrets to operational profit retaining solutions to help increase your bottom line for years to come.

    • Workbook

      Easy to download PDF format. 

    • Everything On Cloud

      The course and workbook at at your fingertips whenever you need them 24/7/365.

    What Others Say

    I first met Mrs. Herrick years ago at a financial empowerment session and was impressed by her knowledge of the many nuances of personal and business finance. As an advisor, she has shared her wealth of knowledge to the enduring benefit of my family in our personal financial planning and to me as a small business owner.


    Amy makes the subject matter easily understandable for her clients. I have heard her ably present on a wealth of topics in person and on radio, always garnering immediate rapport with her audiences and providing a “take-away” of information on how to better leverage personal or business resources.


    I attended SBDC’s seminar entitled ”Small Business Ownership Mistakes: What you don’t know will destroy your business” largely motivated by enthusiasm that Amy would be the presenter and that the two hour session would be time well spent. It did not disappoint. I came away armed with heightened insight with which to make informed decisions about my business, and with a free e-copy of one of Amy’s best-selling self-help books!


    I am confident in highly recommending her.

    Cassandra Dunn

    Owner WSW Communications


    She is very knowledgeable and has the ability to gauge her audience to make any presentations extremely meaningful for the group. 


    Her ability to engage with the audience made our classes interactive and informative.


    One of her outstanding talents is her ability to answer questions on a variety of topics in a simple, understandable way.


    I consider her to be an asset as an instructor, and highly recommend her. 

    Denise E. Singleton

    Former US Virgin Islands AARP State Director 

    I have known Amy Rose Herrick both as friend and professionally for over 20 years. During that time, I have relied upon her for her professional expertise, while also counting on her as a personal friend, who I not only hold very dear, but also value beyond words as a human being.


    Amy is pragmatic, approachable, wise, kind, and not only capable of, but expert in the practice of applying great digression in handling difficult situations and topics. Those combined characteristics are not typically found in one person. She has taught herself how to speak very well professionally, adding to the innate interpersonal skills she already had in small group, and one-on-one interactions.


    I have watched Amy grow a business, take a risk in moving to her present place of abode, raise her own children, and weather life’s various blows and her own accomplishments.


    As we age into whatever the future may bring, I can say with confidence that whatever endeavor she enters will be bettered by her presence.

    Lee Ann Patterson

    Entrepreneur & Friend

    30 DAYS


    If you are not delighted with your purchase, please contact our office for a full refund.

    Amy Rose Herrick

    President, The Secret Profits


    Increase Your Profits Multiplier


    21 Stealth Ways

    To Move To

    A Higher Level Of Profitability

    100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!


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