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Hello, my soon to be Highly Profitable Business Owner

(or hoping-to-be finally profitable) friend! 

I am Amy Rose, “The answer to uncovering your hidden Secret Profits”. 


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We help business owners find the hidden “Black Holes” that are draining profits while they systematically take money from your business bottom line every day of the year. Together, we can replace these profit eating “Black Holes” with “Secret Profit Centers” that make you money and increase your profitability repeatedly.


We will help you develop a seriously impressive profit building business regardless of the industry you have chosen to excel in. One area at a time.


At your fingertips you will have access to quick, easy to understand, step by step how to implement online course content that is not available anywhere else. Many of the courses have free PDF workbooks included with templates and the exact formulas you need to make profitable changes quickly.


Do you need one-on-one strategic help or guidance? I have those services available in addition to the courses when you need more customized assistance or clarity.


Are you looking for a knowledgeable Platform Speaker for your event or an enthusiastic Podcast guest? I may be the exact professional you may need to help your audience excel in business.


Here are the top 10 course ideas:

  • Advertising Must Give You Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Calculating The True Cost of Employees
  • Should You Rent Or Own your Location
  • Office Supplies and Operational Issues Can Claim Profits
  • Buying Equipment to Save Taxes
  • Carving Out A Tax-Free Retirement for the Owner
  • Easy Changes to Increase production and Profits
  • Rule of Ten
  • Legal Documents are a necessity
  • Bartering Networks Proc & Cons

You can consider "Secret Profits" your:

  • Go to professional services for all business challenges 
  • Creative-problem-solving resource on demand
  • Simplifier of complicated concepts
  • Strategic genius connection you are looking for
  • Reliable resource
  • and most importantly…your profit building secret weapon!

I did it my way!

I became a business financial wiz by a way of being an entrepreneur first in grade school, then in later years climbing and changing corporate ladder positions, then came multi-decades of experience being an entrepreneur, turned Author, Educator and Facilitator of content I created.


I think it was just meant to be that I would be in a coaching and mentoring role at this very challenging to run a profitable business point in time.


Launching my newest endeavor, “The Secret Profits” in 2020 was a privilege. Various tech tools allow me to quickly share a wealth of knowledge I have obtained over the years from my boots on the ground experience, countless advanced trainings I attended, courses I developed to teach others and my professional time available with many instead of just a few one on one.


And so, my global coaching business and video based educational platforms were born!


A lot of coaches and course creators jump in trying to sell only high-ticket programs to “highly profitable business owners”. I noticed that there was a largely unserved market of business owners who were struggling needlessly to be one of those “highly profitable business owners”. These committed business owners needed proven methods, easy to implement affordable tools and training by topic to increase profits using my resources I could provide to them affordably. These methods are understandable, quick to implement to see results and above all, doable. 


Serving struggling business owners does not mean I cannot help those who are already “ highly profitable business owners” reach higher levels of profitability. It means that I can help you grow your business profits from where you are starting today.


If you own a business that you are ready to make more profitable, you are my people!!


And while working with clients over the years in person, now through the video and workbook lessons, I realized something else - working 1:1 with someone where I could directly answer their questions, come up with custom strategy and creative solutions based on their needs, teach them at their pace and in the way they learned best, and implement along the way - we are able to achieve seriously impressive results!!


I absolutely love what I do.


I mean, who wouldn’t?


I’m in the business of helping other entrepreneurs increase the profits in their business, and that just feels good!!

 I love my Caribbean island home, my family, my business and to travel! 

Fun Facts About me 

  • In grade school I started my first entrepreneur business selling nightcrawlers I caught in our yard to a local bait shop from my red wagon for a staggering 65 cents a dozen. My big amazing brother David taught me how to do it! 


  • I am a two-time SCCCA National Champion in Ladies classes for auto racing. My spouse Randy is an incredible ten time, yes, I said ten time National SCCA Champion. Moving to the Caribbean retired us from that activity on a high point.


  • I am an excellent cook.


  • I love singing to oldies and I know a ton of lyrics, but I am terrible at naming all the artists.


  • I won a local Monopoly Championship the first time I entered.


  • Lots of stray cats and dogs adopt us. Some just walk through the door, look around and move in. Had a lost parrot “Polly” living on our outside galleries for several months until his owner was found and his name was actually “Sammy”.


  • We name all our gecko house guests “Harry” after the one on a  Netflix TV show we enjoy called "Death in Paradise". Is it so island true to life, a very different normal to us now than anywhere else, and yet not true in many other areas. That's entertainment!


  • I enjoy art along with repurposing things to give them a new life.


  • Lee Ann my best friend for over 25 years and I met in Moms group when I handed her my newborn to hold prior to her delivery. She had never held a small baby before I plopped my newborn son  in her arms. We have been friends ever since.

My words of wisdom

Live your dreams instead of never letting them happen.

Explore worlds very different from your own for a fresh perspective on life.

Always give your very best effort, no matter what you are doing.

Find at least three blessings in every difficult situation.

Always surround yourself with people you love. 

Success Stories

She is very knowledgeable and has the ability to gauge her audience to make any presentations extremely meaningful for the group. 


Her ability to engage with the audience made our classes interactive and informative.


One of her outstanding talents is her ability to answer questions on a variety of topics in a simple, understandable way.


I consider her to be an asset as an instructor, and highly recommend her.

Denyce Singleton

Former US Virgin Islands AARP State Director 

I first met Mrs. Herrick years ago at a financial empowerment session and was impressed by her knowledge of the many nuances of personal and business finance. As an advisor, she has shared her wealth of knowledge to the enduring benefit of my family in our personal financial planning and to me as a small business owner.


Amy makes the subject matter easily understandable for her clients. I have heard her ably present on a wealth of topics in person and on radio, always garnering immediate rapport with her audiences and providing a “take-away” of information on how to better leverage personal or business resources.


I attended SBDC’s seminar entitled ”Small Business Ownership Mistakes: What you don’t know will destroy your business” largely motivated by enthusiasm that Amy would be the presenter and that the two hour session would be time well spent. It did not disappoint. I came away armed with heightened insight with which to make informed decisions about my business, and with a free e-copy of one of Amy’s best-selling self-help books!


I am confident in highly recommending her.

Cassandra Dunn

Owner, WSW Communications

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